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Read about Shamanism, Tarot, Akashic Records, and Crystal Healing. 

About Katie

I am a Shamanic practitionerTarot Reader, and Teacher.

I am also a certified Spirit Guide Coach. It’s actually one of my main passions using all the modalities I have been trained in to help other get connected to their spiritual support team.

I live in the suburbs of Philadelphia with my son, cats, dog, and parents. I have met my Twinflame, who inspires me every second of everyday.

My favorite thing to do in my free time is to study, build websites, and watch detective movies and shows.

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Among the Mountains

A practical guide to living a spiritual life. An in-depth look at various shamanic practices to help protect, empower, and invite good energy into your everyday life.

This book will be published by November 30th.


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