By Katie McBrien

The Sea Priestess’s Book of Spells.

A book several years in the making, taking the best of my online book of shadows and creating an e-book for easy reference for my readers.​

This book is a collection of spells for the everyday witch focusing on love, money, protection, and more! This book also has an extended section of spells for the Sea Witch!​

Available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and anywhere that books are sold.

Metaphysical Author

Katie McBrien

Katie is an author, Shamanic practitioner, Reiki Master Teacher, and all around witchy woman. Katie lives in the suburbs of Philadelphia, pa. with her son, two crazy cats, frogs, and parents. Katie loves building websites, writing, playing with the tarot, and collecting rocks.  

Other Books

Without the Fluff: A Guide to Spirit Guides

A concise, without the fluff, guide to spirit guides. Learn who they are, how to connect with them. You’ll meet up with yours, and most importantly how to continue your life-long relationship with your own spirit support team, even if you have had trouble connecting before.​

Among the Mountains

Among the Mountains

Katie’s next in a series of books, about to be published, is a practical guide to living a spiritual life. An in-depth look at various shamanic practices to help protect, empower, and invite good energy into your everyday life.

A practical guide to reiki healing

A Practical Guide to Reiki

Are you curious about Reiki? Perhaps you want to learn everything about Reiki before becoming a practitioner. This in-depth book looks at Reiki 1- 3 Master Teacher and all the Reiki symbols to help you learn all about Reiki from a Reiki Master Teacher. 

Reiki Beyond Healing

Reiki Beyond Healing

A look at other ways to incorporate Reiki energy into your life beyond just healing. This book looks at manifestation, magick, and other techniques to help empower your life with the universal life force energy. 


Great and easy to read book of spells. I highly recommend it to all practioners. I love that it is just a spell book and I can go the table of contents and go to the spell I want to do and it has everything need to do a spell.

– Stacy L. 


As I read through the book, I felt strongly that this author’s true purpose is to help her readers know that they can succeed in casting very effective spells…I recommend this book for anyone interested in the Craft – new or experienced.

Marimba Music


I refer to this book quite often. Very helpful

C. Lyons