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Weekly Energy Forecast 4/22/2019

Weekly Energy Forecast 4/22/2019 – 4/28/2019 Welcome to another weekly energy forecast. This week we are using the Mermaid Tarot. Our card is: King of Swords The King of swords comes to us this week to remind us to really think before acting, kings are the most evolved the the court cards, they are masters…

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A Trip To Maine

We just got back from a long trip to Maine, it was so beautiful. Our land, which is yet to be built on is in Bremen, but we stayed in Saint George. I haven’t had a real vacation for many months, so it was really nice to break away from the everyday life and have…

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Why Going into your Akashic Records Is Important

Why Going into your Akashic Records Is Important When I tell people that I’m an Akashic Reader most do not understand what that means & who would even want to go into their records. The Akashic Records are a collection of our souls entire history from the moment we were created to now. Our experiences…

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