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Items Needed:

  • Citrine stone
  • Hematite stone
  • Slip of paper with things you want to banish written
  • Black candle
  • Matches
  • Screw or other inscribing tool
  • A white candle
  • Matches
  • Fire proof container
  • tweezers

The Actions:

Take the black candle and inscribe upon it the things you wish to banish or the things written on your paper so keep it to bullet points- use your inscribing tool- I used a screw.

Assemble all items on a surface such as an altar or table or ground if performing outside

Cast your circle

Call on the forces you wish to call on- elements- Goddess/God

State the things you wish to banish and light the black candle- speak out-loud again the things you wish to banish- push them into the candle flame (mentally)

Take the slip of paper hold it in your hands take some bodily fluid (spit or blood whatever your comfortable with) anoint the paper – read it out-loud and set it afire.

Insure it all burns- you can use a pair of tweezers to do this.

Hold the hematite in your projective hand and citrine in your right state

“citrine to bring in the positive bright energy; hematite to suck out the things that I banish”

Hold them tight until it either hurts to do so- or you feel it all has been completed.

Put them down; take the white candle and light it from the black say:“there is light in this darkness it will shine positive light into the future.”

Make a pyramid shape from your hands and hold it in front of the black candle so the flame is in the center imagine again the bad things you wish to banish being pushed out through your palms While chanting

“I banish you you are gone from my life”

Clap your hands when you reach the peak of chanting.

Move now to the white candle imagine drawing in the energies that will help you move past that which must be banished. Do not clap draw your hands to your body (where-ever you feel your hands must go)

Let the black and white candle burn as the black burns banishing takes place and white represents illumination and positive energies! – thank the things you called- Close the circle.

©Katie McBrien 2012-2013

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