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The full moon is upon us and this little spell will help you manifest something in your life.

Items Needed:

  • A candle (white or silver is best)
  • Candle holder
  • Matches
  • A goblet or glass of water.

Timing: The full Moon.

Prepare yourself and your space for magick. This is a simple spell but it can be quite profound. It would be best for you to be able to gaze upon the moon during this spell but if you can not then a picture of the moon would suffice.

Hold the candle in your hands visualize the moon shinning her silver rays on the candle blessing it. Lighting the candle you can use these or similar words:

This candle bound to the silver moon

it’s light helps my magick to attune

I call down the moon to this place

to create a sacred magickal space.

Spend several moments attuning yourself to the vibrations of the moon and allowing yourself and your spirit to take in this energy.  When you are ready begin to think of something you want to manifest in your life, this could be more money, a new love, a better job, like minded people. etc.

Picking up your glass of water, whisper lightly your desire on the water, see it being infused into the water- water is a magickal substance which is a great conductor of energy! Sit the water so the candle light is either seen through the crisp clear water or it’s flame is reflected on the waters surface. Begin to raise energy in any way you desire. I prefer a mixture of chanting and body movement.

The moon reflects the suns glow

creating energy and making it go

The magick I have cast for today

is now being released and sent on it’s way.

Obstacles fade away and the path is clear

bringing my goals and magick near.

my spell manifests my desires for me

as I will it so mote it be!

When you have raised the energy to what you feel is enough pick up the water and drink half. This brings the magick within you. Let the rest of the water sit near the candle, when the candle burns out take the water outside and pour in a space that you feel called too.

©Katie McBrien 2013

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