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Use this spell to help you find a job and get it!

Items Needed:

  • a white candle
  • candle holder
  • matches or lighter
  • a piece of paper
  • a green crayon, marker, pen, or pencil.
  • fire safe dish or cauldron
  • a mojo bag- green, red, or white.

Timing- Waxing Moon; Sunday (success + energy ), Tuesday (added power & energy), or Thursday (money & finances).

Gather your required items & tools. Think about the working at hand and prepare yourself as you normally would. Holding the white candle in your hands begin to focus on the type of job you wish to attract. See this job as clearly as possible- try not to focus on a particular location- however in some cases this is un-avoidable.  You can say the following as you light your candle, igniting your candle and your focused intent into motion:

The perfect job comes to me

I am the best candidate I guarantee

This candle fuels my spell

insuring that all will be well

Now with your candle lit- take the paper and write out:

  • what the perfect job to you is
  • how far away this job should be
  • what makes you qualified for this job- be sure to only list skills and credentials that you REALLY have, this is important!
  • how much you wish to make (be sure to put at least in front allowing for the universe to possibly provide you MORE!)
  • the hours you wish to put into work- this is important sometimes with the invent of smart phones and laptops even though your day may finish at the office at 3, you may be expected to log in and check e-mail several times throughout the night or take some work home…. 
  • when you wish to start this job! (exact dates or time frame written out)

Now that you have the perfect job spelled out in great detail. Read this list out-loud with confidence the same confidence you will use during the interview process, put that smile on your face and imagine the interviewer(s) sitting in front of you.  Use your charm!

When you have completed the list say these or similar words:

Written on this paper is the job i wish to obtain

with my skills and money i wish to gain

I am the perfect fit for this place

you will know as soon as you see my face

I am the perfect worker you dream about

and with my resume there will be no doubt

the job comes quickly to me

as I will it so mote it be!

Remember that this spell talks about your skills, if you lie on your resume or the written paper- this spell WILL backfire on you and could cause serious repercussions!

Now BURN that paper! As you watch the fire burn you can say these or similar words:

Fire burns my spell into my field

and now the spell is sealed.

When the candle has burn out and the ashed cooled gather up the remains and place them within the mojo bag, you can add in a bit of high john the conqueror oil or root inside the bag if you have any. Carry this bag with you to your interview!

Good Luck!

©Katie McBrien 2013

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