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This drinkable money potion will help you bring extra money into your life. Though not entirely a spell there are words of power that can be chanted or intoned while brewing and drinking this potion to help money manifest in your life.

Items Needed:

  • Tea Kettle to boil water
  • A muslin bag, tea spoon, or ball- herbs can go inside.
  • Real sugar- this is needed though the amount you add is up to you.
  • Milk/creamer- optional
  • tea cup or mug

The Tea: Here you have several options I know not everyone can make their own tea due to lack of garden space or lack of funds. A quick search provided Bigelow Herbal Mint Tea this would be a good substitute for the tea below. Be sure to always use edible herbs when making drinkable potions, use caution and make sure that it is medically safe for you to consume ALL ingredients always, you may need to check with your medical practitioner to insure your safety.

  • Fresh or Dried Mint Leaves- this makes up the bulk of the tea
  • A Dash of Cinnamon or a small part of a cinnamon stick – a small amount will do this speeds up the potion & spell.
  • Red Clover Flowers – one or two will do you
  • A small pinch of nutmeg- a very small amount
  • A little bit of basil.

Timing: Whenever needed, this of course works better during the waxing moon phase.

As you place your water into the tea kettle think about your need for money: why do you need the money, how much do you need, by when do you need it. GET CLEAR ON YOUR GOALS!

As the water begins to warm up you can chant the main chant of this spell. Taking your herbs or tea bag hold the herbs in your hand and chant the main chant, when you are done place the herbs inside a bag, spoon, or, ball and place inside your tea cup or mug. When the water has reached a boil remove from heat and immediately pour over the herbs while saying the main chant of this spell. As the herbs seep in the water repeat the chant and build up power. Remove the herbs and add a touch of sugar, the sugar acts as a drawing agent bringing what you desire to you. You can add creamer or milk to suit your tastes. I suggest keeping the chant in mind the entire time you are enjoying your beverage. You can repeat this potion as often as you like.

The Main Chant:

As the water boils power grows strong

bringing abundance and money along

herbs of power seeped and brewed

it’s magickal power the water imbued

bringing the money I desire

by ___ I require (add in the time frame)

I drink the potion the magicks in me

as I will it so mote it be.

©Katie McBrien 2013

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