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Lets work some magick to find love.

Items Needed:

  • A Pink Rose
  • A white or pink candle in a holder
  • matches
  • Rose Quartz
  • A Glass of Water
  • a mojo bag of your choice (red/pink/white- would be good!)

Timing: New years eve

For this spell gather your required ingredients and prepare yourself as you normally would for magick. Light the pink candle using these or similar words:

candle burns bright into the night

to help increase my magick sight

out there is a love for me

with this candle him/her i can now see

Holding the rose in your hand starting at the bottom of your feet work your way up to your head directing energy through the rose into your body use these or similar words:

Flower of love flower of emotion

help bring love to me with forward motion

infuse my soul, body and my mind

so great love is something i can find

Holding the water in your hands swirl it gently in a clockwise (building) motion (in the southern hemisphere perhaps counterclockwise is the building direction). Chant the following:

I open my self to lasting romance

may we know each other at first glance

When the power has built as high as it will go drink 3/4 of the water saving a bit for a libation (or offering) outside.  Let the candle burn out. Afterwards, place the rose petals, rose quartz, and a dab of the water in a mojo bag which you should carry with you all of 2014. Place the stem & water outside as an offering to the divine powers.

May love find you! 

©Katie McBrien 2014

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