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You will need access to some nautically themed ingredients for this spell…

Items Needed:

  • Sea Weed (fresh is better, but the kind at markets is okay)
  • A Mermaids Purse (pictured above).
  • A Green mojo bag or piece of paper.
  • One large coin in your countries denomination.
  • A Green Candle
  • Matches
  • Candle Holder

Timing: Waxing Moon, rising- high tide.

Gather your required ingredients and prepare yourself for magick. Hold the green candle in your hands and enchant it by sending energy towards it while focusing on your goal. I like to use this enchantment for empowering my candles for sea witchery:

Undines element of water, ruler of the sea

come and lend your energies to me

there is magick to be done

aid my working my spells begun

When the candle is charged carve a set amount of money into its side and light the candle flame. Then hold your hands over the other ingredients sea weed is an abundant vegetation in the ocean. Send your energy to each item, empowering it for its special purpose. Seaweed, it is a great source of minerals and vitamins and very healthy for you. It brings abundance, you can place the seaweed inside the mojo bag or lay it on the center of the paper. Then hold the mermaids purse, this is actually an egg sack for the skate, hold this in your hands and see the money you have growing and multiplying you can place that within the mojo bag or next to the sea weed on the paper. Finally add the coin.

You can again place your hands over the items on the paper or grasp the bag and hold it within your hands. The time has come to do one final charging before finishing the spell.  These are the words that I use:

The ocean provides abundant life

bring me abundance to end my strife

water empowers the items within this bag

enchanted by the mermaid and sea hag

bring abundant money to me

as i will it so mote it be.

When you have empowered the items you can tie up your mojo bag, if you are working on the paper packet method begin folding the sides towards you (bring in the money) and rotating clockwise. You can secure the packet with either glue, a piece of tape, or tying it while using knot magick.  Place this inside your purse or near your bank books. The spell is done.

©Katie McBrien 2014

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