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Items Needed:

  • Rose Petals
  • Jasmine flower petals (substitute pansy flowers)
  • Lavender
  • Rose quartz stone
  • A sprig of Ivy
  • Medium to Large Bottle
  • Pink Candle (or Red)
  • A dash of fresh nutmeg
  • A bowl for mixing ingredients
  • A funnel for sifting ingredients into the bottle
  • Inscribing tool
  • Matches/Lighter

Gather your ingredients in front of you. Light the candle and declare magick is about to take place either by casting a circle or making a statement of intent.

Hold the rose petals in your hand feel them with your fingers are they soft and silky or dry and crunchy? Smell them, do they have a fragrance? Tell the rose petals what you desire them to do for you, in your own words. When you feel this is complete add them to the bowl.

Take the jasmine flowers in your hands; I personally love the smell of real jasmine, empower this herb to bring to you the love you desire! When you are ready add this herb to the bowl

Ivy has long been used as a plant to bind in love. Adding in this plant will help you bind the love you desire to you. Hold this plant in your hands and ask it to bind to you a love true and strong. When you are ready add this plant into the bowl.

Nutmeg is used to ensure fidelity in a relationship, if this is not something you want in a loving relationship then omit this herb. However, if you would like to ensure your lover will be faithful to you, then put a dash of this spice in your hands and empower it to bring you a lover with only eyes for you.  Add it to the bowl when finished.

Sit for a moment and concentrate on your goal of finding and keeping a love that is meant for you. When you have an image firmly placed in your mind run your fingers through the herbal mixture in your bowl empowering it even further to assist you in your goal.  You may want to add a chant at this time such as:

I call across land and sea
For my true love to come to me

You then should drip a couple of drops of wax from your candle to the herbal mixture empowering it with the element of fire to bring you this special love.

Take the funnel and pour the mixture into the bottle. Please note the ivy leaves unless broken up may not fit into the bottle without rolling them up and stuffing them inside- I suggest this is done at the end, so just remove them as you come across them in the funnel process.

Once the herbs and ivy are added into the bottle take your rose quartz stone and hold it in your projective hand. Empower this magickal crystal with the power of love to bring you the best love for you right now in your life.

-:- -:- -:-

You can also add in a slip of paper with your goals written upon it, it is up you as a responsible witch if you want to add any person effects (taglocks) of a specific individual inside this bottle- I can not tell you whether or not that is something you should do- only YOU can decide if that is something that just HAS to be done.

Take your finished bottle and drip wax from the candle all around the mouth and the lid (cork/or cap) to make a seal, you can then etch into this a love symbol such as a heart or the venus and mars symbols
This bottle is meant to be kept near your bed, you can put it on top of a dresser, vanity, bedside table, under your bed… you decide where this potent magickal love bottle will be kept!

Don’t forget to pick it up and send loving thoughts to it to strengthen your magick!
-:- -:- -:-

As you will it so shall it be!

© Katie McBrien 2012-2013

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