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Items needed:

  • Two small pieces of green fabric (or one medium sized piece)
  • needle
  • thread
  • green ribbon or embroidery floss
  • an aventurine stone
  • Fools gold/ Pyrite
  • moss agate
  • two bay leaves
  • a pen(a small tip permanent marker better)
  • a piece of a cinnamon stick
  • Oregano
  • Thyme
  • Paprika
  • some powdered sugar
  • Piece of paper
  • green candle
  • matches
  • fireproof dish

Gather required items.

Take the piece of fabric and lay it out, if you have decided to use two pieces and make a small bag then gather needle and thread. Make a small bag if that is what you have decided to do. If you have decided to make a scoop up pouch with a medium piece of fabric then just lay that out  Once you have crafted the bag; in a bowl mix together your herbal ingredients.

Make a circle out of the powerdered sugar making sure you leave enough room to add in your candle, the fire proof container and the finished charm bag once you are finished. Light your candle & connect with it for a moment it is lighting the way towards the manifestation of your job.

Take one bay leaf and crush it up the best you can into the bowl while thinking of the job you are looking to get. Bay leaves not only bring wealth but they are the wish granters of the plant world. That is why we are keeping one aside for the written wish.

Next add in the cinnamon stick, the oregano, the paprika, and thyme. Now i like to use thyme when i want to speed things up a bit.

Once you have this mixture of mixed herbs and spices in your bowl, Light your green candle. sit there for a moment and focus on your goal, start to really mix your herbs together while feeling their energies assisting you in your goal of getting a job. Talk to them as if they are your friends because they are. They are one of your unseen helpers here.

once you have empowered your herbal mixture pick up the crystals and hold them in your hand. Crystals are also helpers, their vibration will help us attain our goal. connect with them as best you can and ask them to help draw to you the perfect job.

Add the herbal mixture and crystals and place them either inside the bag you have sewn or on top of the medium sized piece of fabric leaving room for the outer edges to be brought up to form a small bag.

Take the pen/marker and write your goal on the bay leaf and slip of paper. ” I want __________” hold the bay leaf in your hand and really connect with it, and ask it to help you bring your goal to fuition. once you have empowered your bay leaf, burn the leaf in the green candle, while smudging the piece of paper with the smoke of the burning bay leaf.

Add this slip of paper into the herbal mixture and crystals on top of the piece of green fabric. gather up the edges of the fabric, and tie the bag closed nine knots. stating your goal with each knot. Hold the completed bag in your hand and pass it over the candle (or pass the candle over the bag) several times empower it with the candles fire.

Hold this charm bag in your hand, this is your unseen helper that will allow you manifest your goals, as you send our your resume, rub this bag over your resumes empowering them, tuck this bag in your pocket or purse during interviews.

If your feeling doubt about your ability to manifest your goals, light a green candle and connect with this charm bag again.

© Katie McBrien 2012-2013

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