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Recently the Philippines was affected by a devastating typhoon.  While I do not support magick that destroys storms, I rather work on protective barriers, it’s human nature to want to help those affected. So this is a spell I have created.

Items Needed: 

  • A White Candle
  • Matches
  • A piece of paper
  • A red marker

Timing: Whenever needed, though the timing is best on a Tuesday during a waxing moon in the late morning or around noon.

Background: When I think about disaster relief I think about the Red Cross, for this spell we are going to be drawing the “Red Cross” (you don’t need to include the words) on a piece of paper, on the back of the paper write out the location, and “getting to safety & receiving all aid needed” then on top draw the rune Uruz for speed & action.


You can & should use the same red marker you used to draw the red cross to draw the rune. Red is the color of action & speed. 

The Spell: Prepare yourself as you normally do for spell work, by either showering and cleansing yourself or just smudging yourself with white sage or smokeless sage mist. Set our your tools and hold the candle in your hands.  See the end result of your spell so in this case, we would be thinking about all those affected by the disaster getting the aid they needed and getting to safety- so this means being found, getting shelter, getting fresh food and water, and receiving any medical attention needed.  When you have visualized the outcome, charge your candle with these or similar words:

Disaster has struck people are in need

relief must come with great speed

those who can will provide their aid

insuring that life giving support shall be made

When the intention has been set light the candle while saying these or similar words:

Intention is set and fire propel

Insuring the success of this important spell.

Taking the marker & paper, draw the cross, write the intention and draw the rune on top. fold the paper three times towards you, and then place it underneath or near the candle. Allow the candle to burn completely out.  Keep the remains until you are satisfied that the relief has come to the level you desire- repeat as needed.  Remember this:

Intention is the most important part of any spell, regardless of timing or the items on hand. Set the intention, will into being, and magick is made! 

©Katie McBrien 2013

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