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A follower asked me for a spell to help her with her nightmares, I hope this spell helps.

Items Needed:

  • Amethyst crystal
  • A small dish of salt water
  • A pen and paper

Timing: Whenever is needed but waning moon will work best.

Location: Bedroom where you sleep.

Gather the required ingredients, and prepare yourself as you normally do for magick. Begin by creating a sacred space, you can do this by sprinkling a bit of the salt water around the perimeter of your bed. I like to use this chant, but you can use whatever one you wish:

Salt water cleanses it all it meets

evil and negativity it defeats.

When you have created a sacred space, do the same procedure for the amethyst crystal, sprinkle salt water on it while intoning a cleansing chant of your choice. When that is cleansed it is time to program the crystal.

To program a crystal hold the crystal in your dominate hand, whichever one you write with.  Close your eyes, and begin to see energy coursing through your body. What color does positive dreams and no nightmares look like to you? Is it pink? Is it purple? See this energy begin to take that color. When you are ready send that colored energy into the crystal.

You can also say an affirmation such as this:

_________ color brings me peace (insert the name of your color)

bad dreams and nightmares will decrease

I am free from troubled thinking

with my nightmares rapidly shrinking.

Send the energy into the crystal, when you are ready place the crystal within your pillowcase and go to sleep. If you happen to wake up with a bad dream right it down immediately all the details you remember, in the morning take the salt water and sprinkle the paper and then tear it up and place it within the trash. Within a moon-cycle you should see positive results.

You may need to repeat this spell nightly for a period of 20-30 days if the nightmares are especially hard to get rid of remember- keep your thoughts positive and light as you fall asleep. I am a believer our dreams are a reflection of our inner world, if your inner world is dark and dreary your dreams will take on that tone as well.

©Katie McBrien

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