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This spell can be used to empower a deck of Tarot cards or any cards where you plan to use them for divination and spiritual growth.

Items Needed:

  • A small Clear Quartz point, cleansed and ready to go.
  • A deck of Cards (Tarot/Oracle/Lenormand/etc…)
  • A Bell or Tibetan singing bowl
  • A candle of your choice- purple is the color of intuition
  • Matches
  • an appropriate bag or pouch for the cards

Timing: Whenever you need to do this spell.

For this spell prepare yourself and your working space in the way that you usually do. You could take a bath with salts added or smudge yourself.

Set up your space in a  way that calls to your inner “psychic”. Add crystals, a crystal ball, runes, etc. if you are called too. When you are ready, light the candle. I say the following:

Empowered candle burning bright

shining with your magickal light

empower my spell and light the way

towards the change I cast for today.

Then hold the deck of cards in your hand. Set the cards on the table and fan them out- taking your bell ring it on top of the cards you may have to do this several times if it’s a tarot deck, 78 cards fanned out can be a long pile. Then when the cards have been cleansed with sound. Take the crystal point, point pointing towards the cards, say these or similar words:

Cleansed of grime with light and sound

crystal sends psychic energy, you are now bound

each card will come out when it’s needed to be seen

and  grant me the wisdom of what it means

When you have touched each card with the crystal point, gather the cards and do a quick reading.

When you are done doing your reading, then place the cards inside the pouch with the crystal. Each time you do the reading; place the crystal point on the table.  You should save that crystal just for that deck.

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