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A reader e-mailed me about a situation they were having about lost trust. This spell will help you regain trust with a special person(s) after you may have abused it. Remember, the most powerful magick in trust magick is sincerity and understanding of what caused the trust to leave in the first place, and the sincerity that you will do your best not to abuse the relationship again.

Items Needed: 

  • A Piece of paper
  • Pen
  • A Yellow Candle
  • Matches
  • Candle Holder
  • A bit of Heal-All herb or Rosemary (the substitute)

Timing: Waxing to Full, Full Moon.

For this spell you will be writing a heart felt note to those who you have wronged, there is no place for ego within this note so be sure to put yourself aside be able to feel from the person’s point of view who you have wronged.  First gather the above required items, and light the candle with this phrase:

What I have done is wrong and for that I am unhappy

What I did was not thoughtful in fact it was quite crappy

our friendship I hope to repair with this heartfelt confession.

I do hope eventually you will be able to look past my transgression.

When you are ready lets move past this as one

knowing that what is done is done and healing now has begun.

When you have said the above rhyme several times, begin to write your letter. When you are done read it out-loud with as much emphasis and emotions as possible, if you need to cry, or release the burden of guilt you hold on this situation now is the time to do it. Let your ego move out of the way. Bless the letter with the candle flame (you can pass it over top several times quickly as not to catch fire to the paper or burn it), then bless it with the heal all herb (or rosemary). Take the used herbs outside and release them to nature. Now give the letter or mail it to the person you need to apologize too. Remember though that it is now in the other person’s court and sometimes they will need longer to heal from this- if you want you can repeat this spell, but rather than sending the same note over and over again you can burn the letter and release the cooled ashes to the wind. Give your loved one a chance to heal and do everything in your power to regain their trust- it will take time.

©Katie McBrien 2014

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