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We all have fears- maybe its being alone, maybe it’s our failing health, or our growing debt. This spell helps us overcome the fears and anxieties that will further add fuel to the fire. This will help us find peace and refuge and relax, even if it’s just for a moment.

Items Needed:

  • A Yellow Candle (you can substitute for orange/green/or white)
  • Matches
  • Pen
  • Paper
  • Inscribing Tool
  • Fire safe dish/cauldron.
  • Overcoming potion (listed Below)

Timing:  During the waning moon (full to dark) on a Saturday.

Prep Time: 3 weeks for the Overcoming Potion.

Overcoming Potion:

  • A bottle with a lid
  • Jojoba Oil (this has a long shelf life)
  • High John the Conqueror Root or Oil.
  • copal resin ground into small bits.
  • Neroli essential oil
  • Vetivert oil

Starting off with a sterilized bottle, take the jojoba oil fill it to 3/4 mark (you can adjust your bottle size to the amount of jojoba oil you have). Add in the copal resin then, the oils 3 drops at a time- do this to smell. Stop when you reach a scent that is pleasing to you. Close your bottle tightly and shake vigorously while intoning these or similar words:

Herbs and oils mixed as one

builds the power, the magicks begun

overcoming obstacles this potions job shall be

As I will it so mote it be!

Let this potion “cure” or sit in a dark place shaking daily for 3 weeks.

-:- -:- -:- -:- -:- -:- -:- -:- -:- -:- -:- -:- -:- -:- -:- -:- -:- -:- -:- -:- -:- -:- -:- -:-

Once your potion is made you can either strain out the resin or leave it inside- the choice is yours. Gather your required ingredients, and prepare yourself as you normally would for magick.

Hold the candle in your hand and focus your intention on burning away and removing obstacles that keep you from obtaining your goals, these can be fears as well!!! Inscribe some of the things that need to be overcome on the candle; these could be “over spending, social anxiety, overeating, etc” Whatever the problem is inscribe it lightly on the candles surface.

Written word inscribed in wax

has dominated me to the max

Take your potion and anoint it on the candle

This potion shall fix this sure and true

Helping me to start anew.

Take the matches and light the candle. Write on the piece of paper your problems and burdens. Really focus your energy as you write the words,  see these problems as a black tar, see it going through the pen/pencil and on the page, leaving your body. When you are ready fold the paper 2x AWAY from you, immediately thrust it into the flames catching it a-fire. Intone these or similar words:

My problems and obstacles go up in flame

I take responsibility I don’t pass the blame

The time has come for me to take control of my life

To end my hardships and remove my strife.

I will into being my life a new

Only peace and harmony will ensue.

By the power of three times three

As I will it so mote it be!

The paper should burn all the way, when the candle has burned out remove all remains of this spell from your property a public trash can works wonders, especially at a place you do not visit often.  Move forward with your life knowing that you have started afresh and are no longer tied down to fears and obstacles that have bound you before!

©Katie McBrien 2013

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