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There will be times in your life when you will need to bid farewell to someone who has overstayed their welcome or was never welcomed in the first place but inserted themselves into your life.  This spell moves that person a long by giving them something better to focus on!  In some ways this spell may break “Harm None” depending on how “strict” you follow that “guideline.”

Items Needed: 

  • A brown/navy blue/white candle- pick the color you have on hand
  • matches
  • inscribing tool
  • sheet of aluminum foil

Timing- though this spell would work best during a waning moon you can do this whenever the need is great.

For this spell inscribe the person’s name on the candle, and draw a line through their name. Prepare yourself and your space and hold the candle in your hand. Imagine yourself getting the news that this person has moved on to better things, and are on their way far from you. Place the candle to burn on the aluminum foil & light it with these or similar words:

The time has come to go our separate way

the time is now there can be no delay

you have overstayed your welcome in my life

you have caused me too much strife

as this candle burns away

something more appealing comes your way

You won’t stay to bother me

Because now you’re free!

Let the candle burn til it goes out on it’s own wrap the remains in the aluminum foil and remove immediately from your property, this can be thrown away at a public trash can or taken deep within the woods and buried. Do not look back once you throw the item away, otherwise it could “follow you back”.  Repeat this spell as needed.


©Katie McBrien 2013

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