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Use this spell to become enchanted and see into the faery realm. Remember seeing faeries isn’t always as clear as seeing a little person, maybe you will see a wisp of something or a moving ball of light out of the corner of your eye. When you see that know that the faeries are with you and you can start a dialog, but remember never promise something you are not prepared to fulfill.

Items Needed: 

  • Hag Stone or a stone with a naturally occurring hole.
  • Eye bright herb made into a rinse – do not drink! You can make this yourself by getting some of the herb and making a strong infusion or inedible tea. — if you are pregnant or nursing consult your health care provider before using this herbal wash in magick. If you have sensitive skin do not use this herbal mixture before consulting with your skin health doctor.  

Timing: New To Full.

For this spell start off by taking a bit of the eye bright herb rinse and anointing the hag stone saying these or similar words:

magick comes with herb and stone

psychic vision and faeries shown

I will see what’s hidden from view

as the hole I look through

Repeat the incantation as you anoint your third eye area. Move outdoors or somewhere you can see outdoors. Start off with several deep breaths, breathing in on a count of five, holding for a count of five, and breathing out for a count of five, waiting five seconds and beginning again. When you are relaxed, bring the stone up to your eyes and begin to peer through the hole inside the stone. You may begin to see shapes or small flashes of light like orbs. Some people may just be drawn to a particular place within the natural setting-you are beginning to open your “eyes” to the world of the faeries!

If you are feeling stuck, repeat the incantation like a chant several times put on some relaxing music. You may need to try this spell several times before you have success. Do not give up if you do not physically see something but are overcome with psychic impressions from a different psychic sense.

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  • betty diehl says:

    Do you have any great spells for nightmares been having alot.  Anything would be of great help.  Thank you.  Betty

    • Katie says:

      I will try to post something for you next week- Keep an eye out for it! I am under the weather today so i will not be posting any spells until Monday!


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