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Today; I woke up and felt the need to severe the ties from some destructive people in my life. Join me as I cast this spell to remove people who are causing you harm or getting rid of other things that need to go.

Items Needed:

  • Salt (a decent amount).
  • A mirror
  • A Black or Navy blue candle in a cheap disposable candle holder
  • An inscribing tool
  • Matches
  • Holly Leaves

Timing: Waning Moon (full- dark).

Gather your items and prepare yourself as you normally do for spell work, take your inscribing tool and carve the candle with the things you wish to “sever” the ties with. This can be a habit, a person, an object etc.  In the middle of your working space, place the mirror around the mirror draw a circle of salt around that, on top of the mirror place the holly leaves and the candle in the center.  The candle will burn and remove all emotional attachments negative energy and the salt will keep the outside safe. The holly leaves are a protective leaf and can also “return to sender” so if anyone is wishing you harm this set up will help with that as well. I will be intoning these words, you can use them or something similar:

A candle to burns ___  away from my soul

I take back my power I take back control

you were sly and sneaky a slimy snake

but your words were poison and your smiles fake

I sever the ties that tied us, I am unbound

by the sky above and the solid ground

in no way will this spell reverse,

or place upon me any curse*

Let the candle burn out to nothing; remove all objects(candle remains/holder/leaves/mirror etc) from your property do not turn back. If you can not throw away these items; immediately wash all the remains and items with a mixture of salt water and rosemary, then a cold water rinse. Let them have one lunar cycle to recharge from this working.


*This is a traditional ending to a spell that was not created by me, the original author evades me, if you know let me know in the comments- Thanks!.

 ©Katie McBrien 2013

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