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Tomorrow is Thanksgiving in the USA, most american’s are using today to travel to their loved ones, I am at work. I thought it would be great to create a spell that highlights the things we are thankful for. This is a spell of thanks.

Items Required:

  • A Glass of Water
  • A Small edible offering.

Optional Items:

  • A White Candle or a spice scented candle
  • Matches
  • Decorations- leaves, fruits, nuts, gourds, corn (Indian),  dried beans.
  • Colors: brown, red, gold, brass, bronze.

Timing: Whenever, but intended for the Holiday of Thanksgiving (November 28th)

This is a personal spell one that I won’t be able to create all the power words for you. You will need to speak from the heart, that is infinitely more powerful than anything I could whip together. I will start you off, you will need to finish it.

Gather your required items, and create a space that is inviting and warm- if you wish to prepare yourself formally go ahead. Light your candle now if you choose to invite that into your space.

Set the Glass of water out in front of you with the edible offering next to it. Pick up the glass and swirl it three times clockwise, see the water glistening- this simple substance makes up approx. 60% of the human body.  Without it we would die. You can face west (the direction of the element of water)-

Water the blood in my veins

the tears in my eyes

you sustain me without you I would be gone

I give thanks to you may, I never thirst.

Take a small sip, savor this sip,  place the water down on the working space, and move your gaze to the food. Food is a complex mixture that also would not be around without water.  Creating food is a science- sure we can take food right off the vine and eat it without doing anything but almost everyone enjoys a cooked meal that is crafted through the mixing of ingredients to create complex flavors that compliment each other- it is something quite spectacular. It’s Magick! This offering before you, whether it is straight from nature or something that is crafted by you or someone else, is something to truly honor, as it enters our body it is broken down into fuel to help us continue living the life we currently are.

This food before me I give Thanks

something died so that I can live.

May that exchange not be wasted!

Take a small bit of the food in front of you savor this- place your hands over the water and food to bless it. It is at this time where you must speak from your heart, look back at the previous year- the good and the bad- even the bad has had it’s purpose. In your own words give Thanks for the previous year and all that you have had to go through. Do NOT think of what you want in the coming year; this is a time to give thanks. You can however at the end add in something like this:

May I never thirst, may I never be hungry

May I always have all that is needed to thrive.

I give Thanks! 

Let your offering stay where it is for several hours then you can place it outside if you want. Remove the offering after 24 hours.

©Katie McBrien 2013

Witch Spells will return Monday December 2nd 2013. 
Happy Holidays! 

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