Katie McBrien

I am Katie McBrien, and my focus is to help spiritual seekers gain clarity, build sacred connection, and boost their confidence in their innate psychic gifts so that they can talk to their spirit guides & connect to the earth on a deeper level, even if it seems impossible now.

I didn’t start off that way though, when I first started my spiritual path, I doubted myself at every turn. After years of struggling, I now trust my abilities 100%, my practice and readings reflect that. I want to help you find the same confidence.

My main passion is working with new spiritual seekers. I know your ‘main pain’ is lack of confidence in your abilities, so that is my ‘main focus’ with my clients- setting you up to master your intuitive abilities to connect with spirit.

Most importantly, I help my readers & clients clarify their vision, learn the truth about sacred spirituality, spirit guides, and psychic abilities.

I have been a psychic clairvoyant my entire life, trained and initiated shamanic practitioner, witchy woman, reiki master teacher, and spirit guide coach.

Personally, I reside in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania with my son, cats, and family.