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Apples are a magickal fruit when cut they reveal a pentagram in the center.

For this spell we are going to be using this magickally witchy fruit to empower ourselves as witches and individuals.

Items Needed:

  • One apple
  • A Knife
  • An offering bowl
  • A small cup of apple cider
  • -optional- your book of shadows/magickal journal
  • -optional- pen/pencil

Timing: Whenever the need arises.

Gather your ingredients and prepare yourself as you normally do. When you are ready, set the apple and knife in front of you. Think about your relationship with the Divine, maybe you could read a bit from your book of shadows, or maybe you want to do some journal work. When you are ready cut the apple in half depicting the pentagram insides. I have said these words which helped me to feel connected but feel free to create your own incantation:

I have come far and gone through a lot

It was not all easy as lessons were taught

I have learned to see the beauty in big and small

you have helped me to grow and to stand tall

This apple cut to reveal it’s star

reminding me that you are never far

I ask that you bless me and light my way

To feel your magick both night and day.

If I should change and begin to stray

to wobble and start to sway

guide me back to the path of love

guided by the stars above.

Take a bite of one of the apples and place the other inside the offering dish. Take a sip of the apples “blood” the juice; you can also speak some words  here, it is best if it’s from your heart- not my pen- then begin to write or meditate on your spiritual path and where you are headed. I do however, recommend that you at some point record your discoveries gleaned during this spell.

Take the apple offering outside and leave it as an offering- it is okay if a pet or stray gets it- just like faery tales the Goddess comes in many guises.

©Katie McBrien 2013

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