Katie McBrien is the author of spiritual non-fiction books.

… a collection of spells for love, money, protection, & Sea Magick. 

A book several years in the making, taking the best of my online book of shadows and creating an e-book for easy reference for my readers.

This book is a collection of spells for the everyday witch focusing on love, money, protection, and more! This book also has an extended section of spells for the Sea Witch!

Oracle Deck

Spellcraft Cards

Cards for the Modern Witch

A gorgeous forty card deck details different:

  • themes
  • tools
  • ingredients
  • and times for spellcasting.

With this deck you the purchaser can get guidance from your higher self and the divine to help you cast the best possible spells for:

♥  love

♥  money

♥  protection

♥  healing

♥  and more!

A 35+ page downloadable guidebook details the meanings of the cards, some spreads, and how to use the cards for spellcasting.

Any serious witch would love to add this to his or her collection of tools for spellcasting.