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The Sea Priestess's Book of Spells

A book several years in the making, taking the best of my online book of shadows and creating an e-book for easy reference for my readers.


This book is a collection of spells for the everyday witch focusing on love, money, protection, and more.


This book also has an extended section of spells for the Sea Witch!


Available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and anywhere that books are sold.


Without The Fluff: A Guide to Spirit Guides

Discover your spirit guides, and learn how to work with them in this book. A first in a series of books that cuts the fluff, and gets right to the point.



This no-nonsense guide to spirit guides will help you connect to yours.



Coming soon.


Among The Mountains

This book is a compendium of mystical knowledge that shares how to work with Shamanic techniques and other mystical knowledge to help you live your best life.



Coming soon.


Reiki Beyond Healing

Everyone knows that we can use Reiki for deep healing, but Reiki has a multitude of other uses as well. This book breaks through the Reiki barrier and helps you discover other lesser known uses for Reiki.

Coming Soon. 


Tarot: Beyond The Veil

This book breaks down how to use Tarot for mediumship. This book shares all 78 cards and their mediumship meanings.



Coming Soon.

A practical guide to reiki healing.jpg

A Practical Guide to: Reiki

This book shares everything you need to know about being a Reiki 1 Practitioner to a Reiki Master Teacher.


This book is a manual for all things Reiki.


Coming soon.

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