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Often times we go through life feeling disconnected and out of touch with the word around us and ourselves. Use this spell to help you find connection to your greatest asset, yourself.

Items Needed:

  • A small mirror
  • A pen and paper
  • A charged candle (color is not relevant here.)
  • White sage for smudging- you can use loose sage, bundled sage, or a smokeless sage spray.

Timing: Whenever needed

Prepare yourself by smudging yourself and your tools. As you smudge yourself you can repeat these or similar words:

I cleanse and clear all my space

bad energy and negativity I erase

May the good now come here

as the bad does disappear

Light the candle, invoke your higher self:

My higher self I call out

what I need I must find out about

Close your eyes and begin to take several deep breaths, as you feel yourself begin to shift, pick up the pen and start writing, this is a form of automatic writing; write at the top of the paper : What I need. Then begin writing; if nothing comes to mind just keep writing something; eventually something will come forth. After ten to fifteen minutes stop. Take your paper and read it out loud. At the end declare in your own words that you will do your best to honor your spirit. Thank your higher self for coming through.

Let the candle burn out and save the paper. If the paper is sensitive and you would rather not save it you can ritualistically burn the paper after your declaration in a fire safe bowl.

©Katie McBrien 2014

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