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This incantation is to help you build a connection with the divine as you see it. You may perform this in the morning or before bed.

Items Needed:

  • None
  • You may wish to have a candle or some incense.

Timing: Whenever you wish.

This spell requires only one thing that you are present and aware of yourself and your surroundings. You may wish to meditate or do some relaxation exercises before the spell. When you feel you are ready, you can intone these or similar words.

Great divine, I wish to connect to you.

I want your energy to come through.

Let me feel your presence in my soul,

your presence to help me be whole.

Guide me throughout my day

protecting me and nourishing me in every way.

This is what I ask of thee

As I will it so mote it be

© Katie McBrien 2014

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