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Before I begin this spell I wanted to take a moment and explain to you what a cord is and how it may be created.

Whenever we connect to another individual either; emotionally, physically, or psychically a cord is created. These cords become ways that information is passed between us psychically. It’s like knowing someone you used to be best friends with is going to call you and sure enough later they do. Sometimes cords can be created when you engage in sexual acts with another person, which is why sometimes, it is so painful to have that person leave. It is a wise to remove cords that are no longer needed anymore in fact it is wise to remove all cords as in time those who you are close too will reform. This mostly is a guided meditation rather than a spell but I do offer some items that can be helpful and a short affirmation which under my definition creates a spell.

Required Items:

  • A Smudge Stick (either sage, palo santo OR just a dish of salted water)

Optional Items:

  • Selenite  – this stone is perfect for removing cords
  • Black Tourmaline- to “suck up” residual energies
  • A Chakra Set to get the entire chakra system up and functioning again
  • A Pendulum
  • A recording of this meditation (optional, do read through this several times before attempting this).

To begin take several deep cleansing breaths, draw in white bright light and exhale cloudy black energy. Continue to do this until you feel calm and peaceful.

When you are ready close your eyes, while continuing to do deep breathing, see a screen in front of you, picturing a hallway. Imagine yourself climbing inside that screen- you are now inside the hallway- suddenly you see a bubble form around you- know that this is your protection nothing you experience now can hurt you.

Start walking in this hallway, intuitively you are drawn to one door go up to it, before you get your hand out the door opens up to you revealing a beautiful room with a wise being inside, this is your healer guide. You automatically know this being is there for your highest good and you see them radiating pure white and blue light. They have a sparkle within their aura that tells you they are very close to the divine vibration. When you are ready you embrace this guide and feel the love and warmth come into your being, the guide takes you to sit in a comfortable chair or bed.  The being looks at you snaps its fingers, you both see the cords that are attached to your being.

They are in a variety of colors depending on the relationship of the cord; pink for love, red for anger, black for unhealthy, blue for communication, etc. The being takes a beautiful selenite wand and starts to gently pass it over your body about half and inch from touching you, you see the cords start to fade and disappear.{Pause}

When all the cords have been removed the guide then directs white light to shower over you like a warm waterfall. Suddenly you feel more alive and energetic than you have felt for some time. The guide helps you up slowly from your chair and you speak for several moments about this procedure, the guide may give you a prescription of some kind or just words of wisdom and love.{Pause}

When you are done talking to this guide you embrace one more time and walk out the door the door slowly closes behind you. You begin to walk back in the direction you have come and you see the same entrance you used to get inside this hallway. As you walk through it the light protecting you fades away, it is now time to come back to waking consciousness and do several deep breaths. When you are ready open your eyes, and slowly start to move. 

It is now time to follow through on the physical plane, smudge the room and yourself either with holy smoke, a oil spritz, or salt water, and move around your room and if you are called to your home. Follow whatever advice rings true to you that your healer guide has given you.

It is done.

© Katie McBrien 2012-2013

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