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I wanted to swing by and share a quick story, and some words of encouragement when it comes to your psychic abilities.

Don’t DISCOUNT anything!

Most of us, without even realize it throw away our accurate psychic hits, because we aren’t paying attention.

The Story:

The other day, I was at work the morning started off very warm 53°f

with rain. As the day progressed it got cooler eventually it was to fall below freezing.

I was on my lunch break watching the rain water that had formed into a stream in front of my car, because it had been raining for over 24 hours. I sat there and thought of someone I care very deeply about. I had this feeling about him but I couldn’t place what it was, all I knew was water was the key. I watched as the rain fell from the sky and in large drops from the tree that went over the my parking spot. As the big drops fell they would sometimes form bubbles which would go zooming down the little stream. It was super relaxing, I thought about sitting in my favorite park near the stream and watching the water go by.

After lunch, I had a conversation with someone and heard this person on the radio. It was clear something was happening. The person I was talking too told me that there was a leak and that the person I thought about during my lunch break was trying to get to the bottom of it. Apparently, it had been going on prior to lunch.

I smiled to myself because he’s the one I thought about as I was watching the water in the stream.

Pay Attention

Psychic “hits” aren’t loud. They don’t grab you by the shoulders and shake you. They are the quiet voice in the back of your head that says “this is important.” Sometimes they go by so quickly you wonder what the thought even was, sometimes you’re able to go back and find that thought/phrase/image again in your memory.

If it persists- it’s for you.

That’s something I’ve learned about how my own psychic abilities work, psychic “hits” persist. I can’t let it “go.”

I get about 100 million random thoughts per day (that’s a guesstimate I don’t actually count, but I have a lot going on in my brain,) but the ones that are associated with a feeling in my “gut” are the ones that I pay attention too.

Usually this manifests for me in my middle chakras, my heart, solar plexus, and sacral chakra.

How to Recognize These When They Come

I don’t think it would do anyone any good if I just said pay attention and didn’t give you any clues on how to do this.

Get a Journal

In the beginning of my psychic development I got a moleskin journal that I wrote down all my “psychic impressions” in. Anytime something that seemed important flit through my brain, I’d write it down. I included my feelings at the time. Did I feel it somewhere else? If so where?

Soon I was able to see the pattern. I’d get a thought and then have a feeling of persistence or tension in my middle chakras. My brain would play it over in my head, and I wouldn’t be able to shake the “feeling.”

I had a small advantage. As a child I grew in an environment that demanded me to get information from “feeling out” the environment. This is both through relationships and the houses I spent the most time in (some were pretty spiritually active.)


I am sure no one wants to hear this, but in order to follow a thought, you have to be able to train your mind.

Meditation is the easiest way to do that. In meditation, you have to be able to hold a specific thought or have no thoughts at all.

When you have a thought that is important you need to be be able to follow it like following a thread or a line to its source. You need to be able to extrapolate the appropriate information from it.

That’s how I was able to follow the thought to my dear friend from the image of running water. While this particular story seems a bit vague I have had some amazing hits over the years that have helped a few people find peace and answers in the tarot readings and akashic readings that I offer.

I have found training your mind through meditation makes psychic work a lot easier.

No one says you have to be like a monk and meditate for hours upon hours. 10-15 minutes a day is sufficient. I often meditate when listening to music on my break(s) in my car. I focus on something and I sit with it and see what comes forward. When something comes through that is associated with a “feeling” within my middle chakras, I pay attention. Then I validate that if possible later.

The key to meditation and psychic work is to switch your brain from waking consciousness(beta) to a slower form of consciousness (alpha) where your subconscious and mystic mind can step forward.

If you have a thought that comes forward like “this is bullshit” just say “Thank you” and continue focusing on the original thought.

Your ego, will try to stop you in the beginning.

Another good method is to make believe. Make it a game!

Think to yourself. If I was an all knowing psychic – you can use other names such as, clairvoyant, witch, seer, mystic; this would be my prediction.

Most of all, I don’t give myself a hard time when something doesn’t come to pass.

I just say oh well the next time I will be spot on.

I keep at it, and I understand that my abilities have come and gone throughout the years. Sometimes, I’ll have months where I am so in-tune. Then there have been times where I don’t get much of anything.

With these technique I have seen things that have come true, known things I would otherwise not know about people, be able to telepathically connect with others, and much more.

If you’re interested in a 15 minute shamanic drumming mp3 that has a call back for meditation, I offer that for free on my website here just click on the download single button.

-:- -:- -:- -:- -:-

I hope this has helped.

I’d love for you to join The Spiritual Training Network, in our community forum Tribe. It is free to join, lets discuss psychic hits and training your psychic muscles.

Remember if you have any questions you can message me any time: [email protected] or find me on social media – you could always give me a follow too if you liked this article and free mediation.

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