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I am going to prelude this article by saying; I think this is something that I’ll be adding too as things come up. So you may want to check this frequently there is no way to make a definitive guide when it comes to something like this.

What is an Empath?

An empath picks up the emotions and physical feelings of those around them. This is more than just feeling empathy when someone is sharing a sad or bad story with you. That is just basic human emotion to empathize with another human being.

A true psychic empath though will be able too:

  • Walk into a room and read the room by how they feel.
  • Meet with others and have their entire mood change either for the better or for the worse. Sometimes without knowing why, or even being able to acknowledge it until after they leave the place.
  • Be affected more than others by stories (movies, tv, plays, books, etc.)
  • Suffer from anxiety or panic attacks because of
    • over sensory experiences from
      • surroundings.
      • the news.
      • stories.
      • people.
  • Feel actual pain from others (i.e.- you meet up with someone and your knee starts to hurt finding out later that the person you’re with knee hurts because they slipped on the ice.)
  • Having a bad feeling about:
    • People
    • Places
    • Things without knowing why and sometimes without being able to articulate it.

Here are a few things I have learned being an empath:

You Don’t Owe Anyone Anything

If I had one thing to share as empath it’s our insistent need to feel like we owe someone something for what we are picking up. If you walk up to someone and they are having a bad day or something similar it is not your job to fix it.

Alternatively, if you are having emotional overload or feeling like you’re about to enter into a bad space mentally, emotionally, or physically you don’t owe anyone an explanation for needing to leave. We live in a society where people want answers, sometimes we can’t answer why, we just know that we have too.

Our society needs to start to allow a shift away from interrogating people for setting personal boundaries.

Personal Boundaries are NECESSARY!

This is a big one, don’t let anyone tell you when you’re setting personal boundaries that what you need isn’t okay.

If you need to skip that dinner with the family, or leave early and that may be considered rude, or perhaps not call that person who left a crying voice mail on your phone, or immediately answer an anxious text message, that’s okay.


It is the job of the other people involved to process how those boundaries affect them and set their own boundaries.

Sometimes this can cause drama and there will be people who don’t have boundaries who don’t understand why you need to do certain things, that is okay. Hilariously, it’s and open mind and basic empathy that will allow them to understand your need for certain boundaries.

Find things that help you re-center

This is a big one for me, I can’t always walk from someone mid sentence or in the middle of a difficult work shift. I needed to find practices that helped me find my center so that I could continue.

Here are a few of mine to help you get some ideas:

  1. Music – music is a big one for me, I have a playlist that helps me remember who *I* am, it helps me remember what is important to me, and it helps me remember the bigger picture – that my empathy isn’t a curse it’s a gift that allows me to create strong connections with others. This playlist also reminds me of my twinflame who grounds me immediately when I see/think of them. They are the strongest person I know – not in terms of physical strength, though they are, but in spiritual and overall energy. I have never met anyone like them.
  2. Crystals – this is another big one for me, I love crystals and rocks, and they can be great supporters of highly sensitive and empathetic people. My favorite crystals are:
    1. black tourmaline (the hoover vacuum of crystals,)
    2. labradorite (which allows you to feel but keeps you protected at the same time,)
    3. shungite (this creates a protective shield around you blocking out EMF and other frequencies.)
  3. Reading or Watching TV – sometimes we just need to be able to “turn off,” what we are going through. Going to another world can help that happen, when I go through a particularly bad break up or hard time my go-to movie is actually Jaws, I don’t know why.
  4. Play a Game – I am a big fan of video games, if I am especially overwhelmed I really enjoy first person shooter games, F.E.A.R Perseus Mandate & Doom Eternal are my favorites. F.E.A.R P.M. is an old game, that many don’t play anymore, but it’s a great atmospheric game, that I truly enjoy the story line. Of course, you could play any game that helps you let go. Sometimes I’ll just play a game on my phone like Mahjong Treasure Quest or Fishdom.
  5. Shower – Showers are important not only for physical cleanliness, but also energetic cleanliness as well. It is important that you shower and not take a bath. In a bath your bathing in the same energy that you’re trying to wash away. When you’re in the shower, imagine the energy washing off of you and down into the drain. Water is a blank canvas and can be programmed for any magickal purpose and it is easily influenced by our energy and mood. (See The Hidden Messages in Water, by Masaru, Emoto.) So as you’re showering imagine good energy flowing into your body and the bad washing away. It works!
  6. Wash Your Hands – our hands are one of our bodies most powerful instruments, they can be incredibly sensitive (psychometrythe ability to pick up psychic information through touch,) and can become overwhelmed when we touch things that others have touched. Wash your hands under ice cold water for as long as you can handle it.

No matter what, take the time to find out what helps you re-center, this is key to staying sane when you’re overwhelmed with what you’re picking up.

Remember that being psychically empathic isn’t a curse, it’s a gift. With the proper self care it can help you connect to those who you love on the deepest level possible. It also allows you to help those who are suffering in a way that far surpasses others who aren’t psychically empathetic.

Remember if you have any questions you can message me any time: [email protected] or find me on social media – you could always give me a follow too if you liked this article and free mediation.


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