What Are The Akashic Records?

The Akashic Records are an energetic record of our entire souls history, through this lifetime and other lifetimes.  The records also record family history, planetary history, animals, guides, etc.

How Do Readings Work?

There are different types of readings:

  • E-Mail
  • Mp3
  • Face to Face Video Readings
  • & Packages

Each of these readings work a bit differently. The general steps are:

  1. You pay for your reading
  2. For Face to Face & Packages you’ll book your time with me so we can meet at a time that works for both of us.
  3. I ground & center myself.
  4. I connect with you & your energy.
    1. I do this by saying a statement of intent.
  5. I travel psychically/mentally to your records, I will explain in detail everything I experience, as this is relevant to your reading.
  6. I meet with your unique guardian or guide for your akashic records.
  7. I pose your question(s) to your guardian and I tell you exactly what I experience (see, hear, feel, know, etc.)
  8. I offer you “homework” to shift this energy, so that you can make significant & profound changes in your life.
  9. In face to face & package readings I’ll then ask you if you have any further questions that may have arisen from our reading.
  10. When we are all done, I thank your guardian and leave your records.
  11. I come back fully to my own awareness and ground and center myself again.
  12. We can then discuss any follow up sessions or further work together.

These are my ethics & promises to you:

  • I will keep all information & details private- unless I feel that you may harm yourself or another.
  • NEVER share any contact information without consent from you. (including e-mail, phone number, address, banking information, etc. )
  • I can do readings for other parties; but only in how they relate to you & your relationship.
    • will not tell you if your significant other is seeing someone else or has seen someone else in the past.
    • will not tell you if a business partner is cheating or stealing.
  • I do not do health readings that include diagnosis of a new illnesses either physical, emotional, or mental. I will only tell you that I feel you should see a qualified medical professional.
    • can tell you though if an illness is rooted in a past life experience or trauma & give you tools to begin to shift this energy.
    • I will never ever tell you to stop taking medicine, stop seeing a doctor or medical professional, etc.
  • do not believe anything is set in stone – or destiny, I think we have free will always and can shift any current set of circumstances.