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This spell is to be done for someone who has a serious illness such as: cancer, aids, or another illness. This spell is meant to increase the odds of healing but if it is that persons time it will help them go in a peaceful and dignified way.

Items Needed:

  • A Red-ish Orange candle
  • Matches
  • A throw blanket or Scarf- this can be something you make yourself while you focus on the healing of your loved one or something that you purchase and cleanse for the recipient.
  • 1 Sunstone crystal
  • 1 Celestite crystal
  • 1 Smokey Quartz crystal
  • Spring water enough to fill the larger bowl to the 1/4- 1/2 mark.
  • Two see through glass bowls one smaller than the other. (must be clean) (pyrex is acceptable)
  • Cheese cloth (easily obtained at the supermarket.)

Timing: new moon to full moon. Though if the need is serious anytime will do.

This spell is two parts, the first thing we are going to do is make a crystal potion. Those of you familiar with cooking will understand this concept rather quickly others may not. Taking the large bowl place it on the counter top, place the smaller bowl inside, there should be a gap between the larger and smaller bowl enough to place inside some spring water being sure that you do not get any inside the smaller bowl. Add your cleansed crystals into the smaller bowl. Cover this set-up with the cheese cloth. Place in the sun-light or moon-light for 3 hours.

When 3 hours has passed you can take the smaller bowl out of the larger one allowing the water to drip into the larger bowl so nothing is wasted.

(The Above is an example of how to do the double boiler method of crystal Elixirs- specifically the set-up at 2:25 for the black tourmaline)

Light the candle with these or similar words:

Firey candle of orange and red

empower my spell far ahead

___ is in need of  healing and peace

well being and vitality now increase

Taking the crystal potion sprinkle it on the blanket or scarf. See the energies of the crystals entering into the fibers of the fabric, you can empower this with these or similar words:

Crystals formed from pressure and heat

magickal properties my needs you meet

____ needs energy, healing, and divine aid

This spell is set, magick made.

Set the magickal water still in the bowl on top of the scarf/blanket and place in front of the candle- allow the candle to burn out safely.  When the candle has burn out bury the candle in the ground and water the candle remains with the crystal elixir. Let the garment dry (it will be damp from you sprinkling it with crystal water), write a heart felt letter to the recipient and then give it to him or her when you go to see them next. Tell them it’s blessed with prayers and well wishes and they should wear it whenever they feel they need some extra TLC (tender loving care).

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