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Taken from an upcoming larger work:

Grounding and centering is probably one of the second most important lessons you will learn on the path of the witch. The most important is protection. I believe grounding and centering is something that should be taught in primary school growing up.  Grounding and centering  helps us get rid of built up energy it helps us tap into the source and bring in positive energy that will sustain us. It is if you think of it like being plugged into source. It is easy in earth magick to ground and center you imagine yourself as a tree and see roots going deep into the center of the earth were you release all that energy that does not fit you and bring up new energy from the center of the earth, but what about a Sea Witch? There are no “trees” under the ocean. I have developed this practice of grounding and centering, give it a try and see if it works for you.

Let us begin by taking several deep belly breaths, breathing in on a count of five and breathing out on a count of five, slowly close your eyes. Breathing in and holding and then breathing out. Slowly begin to release any tension you are holding while continuing to breath deep, holding, and then breathing out. Imagine that you are underwater, swimming weightlessly through the ocean. Enjoy this sensation. You find yourself drawn to the ocean floor bottom, you swim down to an underwater mountain, you place your hands on this ancient geological formation and find yourself connecting to the rock, you begin an energetic exchange and can feel the power of the molten lava, which is close less than a mile away, begin to infuse your body. Suddenly, you find all the negative vibrations and energies that you are holding on too begin to dissipate as the energy breaks up within you and is sucked from you like a vacuum. As this exchange occurs you feel lighter and more free, when you are ready your hands release and you give a silent thanks to the power of the ocean and you swim back slowly towards the surface.

You can now begin to move your body and open your eyes, you are grounded and centered. This entire practice may in the beginning take up to fifteen minutes, however, as you become more adept this may take a manner of minutes, and can be performed anywhere. I have done this at work in the elevator, the ladies room, in an empty office.

No Part of this may be used without my permission. Feel free to share this post, linking back to this blog or my website. 

©Katie McBrien 2014

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