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We need money and what are we to do? This spell:

Items Needed: 

  • Green items- construction paper, green glitter, Saint Patrick’s day decorations, etc.
  • green or gold candle
  • matches
  • One citrine crystal
  • highest denominational bill we can get broken into 10’s or 5’s & a dollar bill.
  • olive oil- in a small bottle
  • dried basil herb *easily obtainable at the supermarket, in the herb/baking section*

Timing: This spell will be most potent during the waxing moon at noon, but do this whenever your need is sincere.

Gather the required items needed for this spell, and decorate it to be green- you can include the decorations on your altar or working space.  Prepare yourself as you normally would do for any magickal act, this could include taking a bath, or smudging yourself.  Set out the money in a fan, placing the dollar bill at the end, & light your candle. Mix up the Olive oil & the basil using these or similar words:

Herb and oil mixed as one

blended and charged by the sun

Money comes with green and gold

cash and money will unfold.

As you mix your potion chant that little phrase, it will help focus your mind on the working at hand, and build the power to send your spell out into the universe. After you have mixed your potion together, anoint your hands with the oil and begin to touch the bills, hold each one separately and think about the money coming to you and depositing it into your bank account. You could quietly focus on this or use the chant above as you anoint the money.

Let the money sit anointed with the candle burning, place the citrine crystal on the money fan and day dream about money coming to you. See the end result of the money you need. See yourself going to the ATM or bank teller requesting a bank statement see the bank account reading the amount you wish.

This is not a spell to make you rich, this is a spell to help if you have upcoming bills, expenses or if like me you wish to be able to purchase something special for someone’s birthday yet not deplete your savings account. This is important to note this spell will not help you if you are not willing to do the work- work overtime, advertise your skills, listen to friends who may be in need who could give you a few bucks for helping them, every dime helps get you closer to your goals. Pick those pennies up…

Now the rest of this spell involves some patience, each week I want you to deposit one of those higher ranking bills anointed with the magickal oil, deposit it into your saving account/checking account. The dollar I want you to give that to a charity of some kind, a collection box, or a homeless individual in need of some money themselves, hand it over with love. You will see an improvement of your money- if needed repeat this spell. The citrine crystal is a talisman use it, carry it with you, take it to jobs, or out in public- be open to the universe.

©Katie McBrien 2013

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