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Required items:

  • A Rose Quartz Crystal
  • Pink Pen
  • Paper
  • White or Pink Candle
  • Matches
  • Rose incense or Rose Essential Oil (you can use fragrance oil here)
  • Small pink bag

Timing: New to Full Moon

Set aside an hour or so that you will be undisturbed, gather your required items. Prepare yourself as you normally do for magick, this could be a bath or maybe you will smudge yourself with incense.

When you are ready light the candle and begin to focus on what it is you desire right now in your life. Think about how you are worthy of the love and relationship that you desire the most. Pick up the rose quartz pass it through the incense or place a small dab of the rose oil and hold it in front of the candle saying the following:

Crystal of Pink and White

I charge you with this candle light

Bring to me the love I ask

Now you have your magickal task

Set the stone down and take up the pen and paper and begin to write down what it is you truly want. When you have finished this hold the rose quartz in your left hand and your paper in the right- read out the paper and imagine a person coming into your life. Place the crystal down and fold the paper 4 times each time towards you- you are bringing this into your life.

Place the paper down in front of the candle and place the stone on top saying the following:

I call to me love

charged by the rose quartz above

I know I deserve the best

Just as I wrote, I do request

As I will it, So mote it be

By the power of three times three

The Spell is done. Let the candle burn out; when everything is cooled place the items in a pink bag and either carry it with you or place it under your pillow.

© Katie McBrien 2013

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