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This is the first in a series of personal, diary like entries that you’ll find here on the Shamanic Witch.

This website is my centralized space for all my work.

My journal entries will include things I have achieved, bits of writing that may or may not make its way into a longer manuscript, dreams, etc.

Everyday magick what this will be labeled as because there is magick everyday if you know where to look.

The wind is raging out of my window. Yesterday I was in a spaghetti-string tank top after working inside, as we re-do our house after the 2021 tornado that hit us in September. It’s hard to believe that I was happily enjoying the sun not being cold. Today I am sitting in here thinking it would be great if I could just hibernate.

Today has been a productive day, I finished:

  • Uploading and editing all my previous spells, potions, enchantments, and such from 2014 onwards. They are live and available in the Book of Shadows. If you would like to enjoy these spells in a condensed version you can buy my first book “The Sea Priestess’s Book of Spells,” on amazon.
  • Finished watching the course material for the Crystal Reiki Course I was taking.
  • Swept the apartment common areas.
  • Did two loads of laundry.
  • Put away the dishes
  • and I’m sure by the time I retire for the night there will be a few more things I can add to my done list.

I want to include some pictures from my life as of late, I hope you enjoy. (click on the pictures to make them bigger.)

Where I am at Magickally

I have been working with energy a lot lately, specifically Reiki & connecting with my helping spirits (Hekate, Bubba, Ancestral Spirits, and others.) I am doing a lot of reading and catching up on some courses I have purchased but haven’t taken all the way yet.

What I am reading-
Courses I’m Taking

I am trying to not enroll in many other courses before Laurie Cabot Witchcraft 1 course which is coming in April. Which I am thoroughly excited but a little apprehensive about.

I am also pondering Krista Mitchell’s course “Light Walker: Crystal Mediumship Certification Course.

What I am actually taking:

  • Karuna Ki Reiki Master Training– taught by Aimee Phlegar.

Well that’s it for now, many blessings.

)0( Katie McBrien )0(

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