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Moonstone to me is the ultimate go-to stone for witches and magickal workers to increase and boost your psychic ability. As the months go colder in the Northern Hemisphere, we are called to go within and that means working on psychic ability.

Items Needed:

  • A piece of moonstone (I choose jewelry you can choose a rough or polished gemstone)
  • Water
  • A Pinch of Salt
  • A Purple or Indigo Candle
  • Matches

Timing: Whenever

Gather your required ingredients, and prepare yourself for magick. I highly recommend smudging yourself and your space with some sage or smokeless sage spray.

Prepare your candle by infusing it with your intention- this could be by visualizing your third eye opening and information coming to you. You can say these or similar words:

Indigo the color of psychic vision

to help me when i am flooded with indecision

This candle shall empower the tools

To bring out my psychic jewels.

Light the candle and let it bath your working space, you can extinguish other lighting if you wish (it’s recommended). Take the water and add a pinch of salt, stir counter-clockwise with your pointer finger- sprinkle a bit on the moonstone to clear it of past vibrations.

Hold the moonstone piece in your left hand. Let it become warm as you infuse your essence into the piece. When you feel ready, you can position the moonstone so it begins to reflect & refract the light, you will see shimmers of blue, purple, and indigo. When a particular hue catches your eye so that you feel your “third eye” tingle you can recite these or similar words:

Shimmering stone of hidden light

Aids me with my second sight

What is to come shall be seen

answers to past and present I shall glean

past and present merge as one

As I will it so shall it be done

Set the stone to reflect the light as the candle burns out. When the candle extinguishes itself gather the candle remains and place them in a space you keep some psychic tools, such as tarot deck or runes. Place the moonstone there as well or keep it with you as a personal talisman. I recommend renewing this spell every other month.

©Katie McBrien 2013

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