Hi my name is Katie McBrien

I’m a Akashic Reader. I’m also a psychic clairvoyant, which means I see things. I also feel (clairsentient) and I know things (claircognizant). I bring all of these psychic abilities to my readings. I love doing Akashic Readings because I think the level of information that comes through is so clear & the messages are profound and deeply healing.

I’ve been a Shamanic Practitioner for over 5 years. Shamanism, is my connection to a higher power, my connection to the planet.

I teach e-courses through The Sea Priestess website a variety of courses that focuses on; developing psychic abilities, energetic healing, shamanism, Reiki, and other interesting topics.


I’m a single mother to a fun loving, musically talented son, who inspires me everyday.

I live in the suburbs of Philadelphia with my son, cat, dog, frogs, and family.

I play video games; first person shooters, adventure (Riven/Myst/etc.), and seek and find puzzle games (Mystery Case Files, Sea of Lies, etc.)

I’m a metal girl through and through fancying grunge and thrash metal: slipknot, megadeth, video game music (Painkiller), Ill Nino, & Rammstein.

I also work full time as a security guard at one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world, I’ve been there for 11 years. It’s been a really interesting ride; taught me a lot about interacting with difficult people, and embracing other cultures.

I’ve met my twin flame, who changed my life beyond anyone else I’ve ever met & several of my soulmates.


  • Akashic Reader through The Akashic Records Institute.
  • Certified Reiki Master Teacher (through various teachers, I’ve taken the Reiki Master Teachers Course with 4 different Reiki Masters for my own personal growth.)
  • Certified Angel Card Reader through Doreen Virtue & Radeligh Valentine.
  • Certified Ethical Psychic through Flora Sage Therapies.

My Mission:

My mission is to bring hidden knowledge and wisdom to everyone.

I grew up knowing there was more to this world than I was taught and I spent the first years of my life, trying to find the answers I so deeply sought.

When I found shamanism. I felt like I was coming home!

My mission is that no one has to go through all the questioning and seeking by themselves. I’m 100% there for anyone who reaches out to me.

How I can Help You:

Akashic Readings

Get guidance from your records, learn about your past lives, and much more.

Psychic Readings

Get guidance from a professional clairvoyant psychic.