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Ocean Wish Spell

Next time you go to the ocean (or if you are really land locked you can do this spell at home in a bathtub) do this spell to work on a secret wish you have. This spell will be assuming you are at the beach, if you can not you will need to adapt this yourself.

Items Needed:

  • A stick
  • A found beach treasure such as a shell, a stone, maybe a worn piece of beach glass.

Timing: Waxing Moon to full moon.

Tide: Coming in to high tide.

You will need to create a sigil of what it is you desire. So if it’s money you will need to assign numerical values to each of the letters with this chart:


So let us use money: that would be; 4,6,5,5,7 next you will need a number square:


We start at 4 draw a line to 6 then to 5 staying at 5, then to 7. whatever the pattern is that you have gotten that would be your symbol/sigil. so it appears our sigil may look something like this:


So with your special sigil for money in hand walk to the waters edge, greet the ocean. Tell it our purpose:

Ocean open and deep

Magick and mystery you keep

I have a need for ___ today

help me to bring it about right away

Draw the symbol in the sand near the incoming waters edge- if it’s cold this is a task because you don’t want to get wet. If its warm this could be quite fun getting the entire symbol written while the waves crash at your feet. If you have children get them into this; they do not need to do the sigil work you could let them draw a heart for more friends, or a dollar sign for some extra money. They may even surprise you with their imaginative symbols for what it is they want- there is no wrong drawing. When you have drawn the sigil into the sand step back, give the shell or glass or trinket you found back to the ocean as an offering. If you want a touchstone of your magick find a new shell or beach treasure. Before you leave the beach be sure to say Thank you, in your own special way.

At Home adaptation.

We will do the same thing; create a sigil of what it is we need- we may wish to add candles, and incense or whatever else we desire. Take a magick marker(crayola works well), water color pencils, etc. and a piece of paper and write the sigil down. Repeat the above incantation near the tub or basin of water. The water in your tub was once from the ocean- all water is connected! Take the sigil paper and dip it within the water, watch it bleed and fade away. Give thanks to the water, you may wish to anoint yourself with the water because you want to bring something to you. Let the water go down the drain or pour it outside if you are using a basin.  As you let go the water see your magick shooting off to be completed.

**extra magick**- if you are a reiki 2 practitioner draw the reiki power symbol over top, including the long distance reiki symbol to send energy to the goal so it can manifest quicker. Reiki masters can draw the reiki master symbol to add extra power.

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