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Helping a Fawn

Updated: Jul 1

I had this extraordinary experience the other day, it was a sad but extraordinary experience nonetheless.

a fawn curled up in the grass

I was driving down the road after work going to get gas in my car and I saw a fawn that had been hit by a car and I immediately felt the fawn with me. Its energy was so strong for a little newborn. With my clairvoyance & clairsentience I felt that it was confused and scared and didn’t know what had happened. I thought for a second, I was projecting my own sadness seeing something so cute dead, but the image of the fawn stayed in my head clear as day as I drove down the road towards the gas station. Which is a sign to myself that my psychic perceptions were accurate and not a projection of my own story. Oftentimes, the longer an image stays and the more persistent it becomes the more I’m meant to pay attention to it.

Rescue Mediumship Helping a Fawn  Pinterest

I said to myself, ok well let me try to help this fawn. I called on my personal psychopomps & asked for a portal to open up. I asked for the right spirits to come and help the fawn go where it needed to go. I explained to the Fawn, that even though I wasn’t physically there with it I would stay energetically until it had moved on. The fawn was scared which is why it didn’t go immediately, but it was eager and didn’t like where it was. I felt the energy shift and the fawn found something that called to it and it walked through the portal and the portal close.

I thanked my helping spirits. All this took place over a period of thirty minutes or so. I drove by again and I felt the energy had shifted and everything felt much clearer. Even now I can not bring back the energy of the fawn as I previously been able too.

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