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How to do a Yes and No Tarot Reading

Updated: Jul 1

Sometimes we just want to get a yes/no answer when we are doing a tarot reading. I am going to teach you how to stop second guessing yourself and how to use my simple system to get yes/no answers when doing a reading.

How to do a Yes and No Tarot Reading pinterest

The Suits

We are going to do this by using the suits, the suits will tell us a simple yes/no answer. Majors aren’t taken into account here so if you get a major then you can keep pulling.


A yes would come from seeing a pentacles or a cup.


A no answer are swords or wands.


You want to know if you should get a car that you’ve had your eyes on for a while. “Would this car be a good investment for me?”

You start pulling cards and get:

  • Sun

  • Chariot

  • Two of cups.

I would interpret this reading as; this would be a great investment, you’ll really love this car because it will bring you happiness and contentment.

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