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Review: Oracle of the Fairies

Updated: Jul 1

In Hay House’s last card sale I got two decks The Guardian of the Night Tarot & The Oracle of The Fairies. I wanted to share my thoughts on this deck.

The Deck

This oracle deck is like most other oracle decks on the market, it is a gloss finish and the normal cardstock that Hay House uses for cards. Overtime I can see this deck getting worn with lots of shuffles, but i do not think it would happen right away.

The card colors themselves are vibrant and artwork is beautiful. Fake computer generated artwork isn’t something that I like but the pictures aren’t too fake.

oracle of the faeries pinterest

The Book

The accompanying book is like others, it goes over the cards has black and white pictures of the cards. There is information about the cards meaning and some spreads. It also shares some techniques for psychic protection as well.

Video Unboxing

Final Thoughts

Overall this is a beautiful deck that I'll enjoy using in my own and professional readings.

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