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Silver Acorn Tarot Review

I recently saw on Madame Pamita's instagram that she wrote the guidebook for this adorable deck called the Silver Acorn Tarot. I knew immediately I had to have it, it was a birthday present for myself. I went to Stephanie Buscema's website, the illustrator and creator, and ordered myself a copy.

The Cards

The cardstock is linen, which I love, and the colors are rich. The only draw back that I have is the cards are longer than most cards, which makes shuffling traditionally a challenge for me, but if I shuffle sideways, it's easy and the cards are smooth enough that they flow effortlessly.

silver acorn tarot pinterest

The Guidebook

The guidebook written by Madame Pamita, is good. I really enjoyed it. There are spreads, and the cards are explained nicely.

Video Deck Review

Overall Review

While I am not sure i'll use this deck year round, this deck is perfect for the later part of the year closer to halloween. I think this deck is absolutely adorable and I can't wait to play around with it and do readings.

Buy the deck

The deck can be purchased here.

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