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Tarot of The Witch's Garden

Updated: Jul 1

tarot of the witch's garden

Recently I just purchased Tarot of the Witch's Garden and I have fallen in love with it. I think it's my favorite of 2023, with Tarot of the Owls coming in a close second.

The Book

The accompanying book goes into great depth about each of the meanings. This guidebook looks so meaty I can't wait to delve deep into it learn more about this amazing deck.

The book has a page write up for each of the cards and goes into spreads and spells later in the book.

tarot of the witch's garden pinterest

The Cardstock

The cardstock is linen a new for Llewellyn. All in all I think this is a great new trend for Llewellyn I love linen cards, I think they shuffle better and withhold the beating some 'workhorse' decks can get.

The backs are reversable which means you can't tell if it's up right or reversed which I actually like, I really don't like any backs that give clues to what the card will come up as even if I do not read reversals - strange - I know.

A Video Review

Final thoughts

All in all I LOVE this deck! It sits on my desk so I can quickly reach for it. I am excited to learn more about what this deck has to offer as I read through the amazing guidebook. All in all I would order this deck again in a second.

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