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The Guardian of the Night Tarot

Updated: Jul 1

I love M. J. Cullinane’s work, I own her Crow Tarot & The Urban Crow Oracle so when I had the opportunity to get “The Guardian of the Night” I went for it. I was not disappointed.

The Deck

The deck is sturdy, a bit on the bigger side from a traditional tarot deck, but its not so bad that you can’t shuffle it.

The cardstock seems like it will last for a while, which is always important no one wants a deck that will start to come apart after a few shuffles.

Guardian of the Night Tarot Pinterest

The Book

The book is well written, and has a variety of information within to help you understand the cards themselves. She includes a section of Yes, No, Maybe cards if you’re doing a yes/no reading and do not want to follow the Yes/No Tarot Spread that I have shared.

The guidebook tells you why the animals were chosen and a bit about how it relates to the card then it shares a meaning for the card if you’re unfamiliar with tarot meanings.

Video Unboxing

Final Thoughts

I think this deck is an amazing deck I can’t wait to use it! If you’re interested in MJ’s work please visit her here:

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