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The Neoteric Tarot

Updated: Jul 1

I just got an amazing deck called the Neoteric Tarot by Wyspell. It’s a modern feminine deck, with technology and modern themes which I love!

The Neoteric Tarot pinterest

The Guidebook

The guidebook is meaty with a lot of great information on love, finances, career meanings offering a page on both upright and reversal meanings. It is also color and has a picture of the card on it.

It teaches you about the Tarot if you’re a beginner and interested in a great feminine deck this is perfect for you!

The spreads are well thought out and easy to understand.

All in all the guidebook is perfect for beginners and seasoned readers alike because of their fresh take on some tarot themes and even the most seasoned of readers can learn new ‘takes’ on each card.

The Cards

The cardstock is matte, and vibrant but with softer colors than some other decks, they are more pastel but vibrant pastel colors. The cards do not ‘fan’ that well if you draw your cards in a fan but if you’re a shuffle puller then the cards are perfect.

The cardstock is sturdy and at times you may need to shuffle it backwards so the shuffling doesn’t cause a bend in the cards.

Video Review

How to Get

If you’re interested in buying this deck you can get it on amazon or on their website

All in all I think this is a great deck that has made it’s way into my top 10 decks of all time and my top for 2023!
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