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For those of us who are interested in opening our psychic centers it may be difficult to figure out which direction to go in. Well this spell will help you.

Items Needed:

  • A 9×9 inch purple cloth
  • Indigo ribbon (a mixture between purple and dark blue)
  • Amethyst Crystal
  • A pinch of crushed Bay leaves (traditionally used by the Oracles of Delphi)
  • A printed or spare High Priestess Tarot Card (want a free copy? go here and print)
  • A purple or Indigo Candle
  • Matches

Gather your items in front of you. This is a special spell, light your candle and call in any deities you feel called to inviting. Take the cloth and place it in front of you.  Hold the printed High Priestess Tarot card in between your hands in a prayer formation. Focus on the high priestess sharing secret knowledge with you, & opening your psychic abilities. Place the card down on the cloth.

Take the powdered bay leaf and place a pinch in your receptive hand right in the middle of the palm take your dominant hand and speak your intention into it see the energy from your dominant hand empowering the herb.

Place a pinch in the center of the cloth. Next pick up your amethyst crystal and hold that in your hand repeating the same process you did for the bay leaf powder.

Let this sit near the candle until it is all burned up. When the candle remains are cooled add them to the top of this pile of magickal ingredients

Take the card and fold it over creating a pouch for the herb and crystal. Then take your cloth and create a pouch as well gathering up the fabric until it looks like a pouch.

The item is now charged up and can be kept in your purse, pocket, or reading table while you are doing divination and psychic work or kept under your pillow for psychic dreams!

© Katie McBrien 2012-2013

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