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We all have times when we are dealing with some bad energy and think it may be from that person who just won’t leave us alone- maybe we don’t even know who it is! Use this spell to remove their energy from your life and send it right on back to them!

Items Needed: 

  • A mirror (this needs to be able to stand up or be propped up).
  • A Black Candle
  • A White candle
  • Long Matches or extended lighter.
  • Inscribing Tool
  • Salt
  • Hyssop Herb

Timing: Waning Moon, Saturday.

There are quite a few items in this spell, you may need to start collecting several days before. When you are ready, prepare yourself and your space for magick. The lay out of this spell is important i’ll try to explain it the best I can. Taking the black candle be sure that it’s light will be reflected in the mirror- but the white candle will not. Also the reflection should not ever capture your body once the black candle is lit- so long matches may be needed. The idea is the black candle will capture the harmful energy and reflect it out into the cosmos and therefor the wrong-doer, if it captures your essence it will then reflect it back to you- causing no change to manifest for you.

Taking the black candle inscribe your name upon it’s surface and a line through the words ‘harmful energies’- if you know the sender write their name too.  Place the candle in it’s holder and position the mirror as detailed above. Carefully light the candle while intoning these or similar words:

Creature of fire set in black,

negative energy and psychic attack.

All the harm sent my way,

Shall be returned without delay.

Taking the white candle inscribe your name with the words “positive energy, love, happiness, abundance.” Position this candle so it’s light baths you but is NOT reflected in the mirror. As you light the candle intone these or similar words:

White light brings a new birth

with great abundance and mirth

I welcome in the energy of love

blessed by the God & Goddess above.

Taking the hyssop and salt mix them together best you can- infusing them with positive energy- sprinkle the mixture between the two candles including the mirror as a barrier.

Know that the energies are being sent back and new more positive ones will take it’s place.

©Katie McBrien 2013

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