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Items Needed:

  • A dead sea urchin spine – please obtain this naturally, found on the beach. You can also purchase this.
  • A black candle
  • Matches/lighter
  • A piece of paper
  • Pen
  • You may need a needle or ice pick (have it handy)

Timing– This spell is best done during a dark of moon or a waning moon.

Tide– Ebbing tide (from high to low) {Find your tide nearest you}

The Spell

Gather your required items needed, use one of the sea urchin spines to carve “protection” into the candle.
Light the candle and say these or similar words:

Candle, candle burning bright

peace and protection are here tonight

Take the pen and paper and using the light from the candle write down why you need protection. Fold the paper away from you, symbolizing this situations power diminishing. Do not fold it too thick.

Use the spine that you carved protection into the candle with to pierce through the paper. I try to do this twice, so it sits in the paper nicely almost like a pin through a jacket or sweater. You may need to use a needle or an ice pick to get it started and finish with the spine.

Place the pierced paper in front of you and holding your hands over it. You can say:

Sea urchin spine pierces the power

this issues’ influence decreases by the hour

you can not affect me any longer

each and every moment I grow stronger and stronger

Keep chanting the above until you feel you’ve hit a high point ending with these or similar words:

protected by the power of the sea

enchanted by the power of three

as I will it so mote it be

You should let the candle burn down completely and keep the pierced paper in front of the candle.

All remains including the paper should be removed from your property and buried in the ground within 24 hours of completing this spell. If you can’t bury this paper, please take this to the furthest trashcan in an area you do not regularly go too and dispose of it there. (A shopping center you almost never frequent.)

Remember if you have any questions you can message me any time: [email protected] or find me on social media – you could always give me a follow too if you liked this article and free mediation.

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