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As we approach valentines day, the most important love spell we can cast is one on ourselves. If we do not love and value ourselves and our happiness, no one else will.

Items Needed: 

  • A Treat for yourself- you pick this could be edible, a new book, a movie, a bubble bath etc.
  • One Rose
  • Your Sea Witch Candle.
  • Matches

Timing: Waxing Moon- Full moon, valentines day.

Tide: Rising to high tide.

Place your treat to yourself in front of you, if it’s something like a bubble bath or perhaps a trip to the coolest local place, then just stand in front of it or have it in your line of vision.  Light your Sea Witch Candle with the given invocation:

Undines element of water, ruler of the sea

come and lend your energies to me

there is magick to be done

aid my working my spells begun

State your purpose for this magickal working, “to show myself self love and care, that I am worth it in every-way.” Repeat this verse while you hold the rose:

circles and spirals the water goes

A special gift plus an enchanted rose

I love myself through good and bad it’s true

I deserve the best a major break through!

May I see what does me wrong

So I am free safe from harm

A simple act of self love I am set

I promise myself all my needs will be met.

When you have said that, tuck that rose somewhere special, perhaps you can keep it with you if not place it aside and set it in a place of prominence later. Go do your act of self love. Remember to check in with yourself and make sure you are truly happy. This spell can be repeated as needed, it does not have to be valentines day. Anytime the moon is growing or the tide is rising, this spell can be done. When you are finished you can blow out your Sea Witch Candle.

©Katie McBrien 2014

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