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One of my readers e-mailed me about a situation he is in, and would like a special someone to notice him. While my advice is two fold magick and mundane, here is the spell. After you do the spell dear reader(s), be sure you get the guts and walk up to the object of your affection and initiate things. If this spell bothers your ethics, do not do it- certainly there is no one telling you that you must- or just adapt it.

Items Needed:

  • Red Candle
  • Inscribing Tool
  • Matches
  • Piece of Paper
  • Pen
  • Fire Proof Dish
  • A piece of fruit as an offering to Aphrodite

Timing: Waxing to Full Moon

Gather the required items and prepare yourself as you normally do for magick. Inscribe the persons name and birthday who you wish to notice you. If you do not know their birthday, I recommend a web search Facebook + Twitter + Myspace gives us all sorts of juicy witchy details for magick- utilize the resources you have available. Light the candle with these words:

Aphrodite Goddess of love and desire

empower my spell and light the fire

I want ___ to see me now

empower me to dazzle and wow!

Take the piece of paper and write down what you wish to happen “I want ___ to look favorably upon my request for a date.” or something along those lines, fold the paper towards you 9 times, and then set it afire while saying these words:

The fire consumed my spell I am set

I know that with Aphrodite my needs are met

___ will see what I have to share

and what I have is beyond compare.

Let the candle burn and the ashes cool, take the remains of this spell and the piece of fruit outside to a wooded space and leave as an offering. Do not forget now you must make plans and ask this person out or over for dinner or something- remember though that no matter what NO means NO- respect this persons wishes and rework the spell and try again. Gentleman get ladies, and ladies get MEN.  If you mess with someone else’s mate, you can expect that it will happen to you. Play the game but play it nice.

©Katie McBrien 2014

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