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Hi Everyone, if you’re reading this perhaps you are wondering why we are back on That is simple, I got promoted at work, and a very big promotion at that.

Which means I am going to be 100% more busy than I was previously. I have all my various offerings spread across the internet:

  • The Shamanic Witch
  • Amazon
  • the spiritual training network
  • etc.

I can’t keep doing that and sustaining it if I am going to keep offering anything at all. It’s just a fact I am on call 24/7 and could be called away at any moment.

With that being said I moved what I am wanting to offer and able to offer here. Everything is going to either be digital downloads or on demand courses/workshops.

I am no longer offering services including tarot readings (beachside tarot is going away), shamanic healing, reiki (I will offer this on a case to case basis, if you’re in need of healing please message me and I’ll offer a Reiki session to many people once a week which I’ll send via my newsletter.)

I am also shifting my focus from the tutorials and more on my written work, which means that my books, both here and on amazon will be highlighted. My work as an author is very important to me. There will be less information available without an exchange of either money or an email address, I will be creating mini books for free which can be “purchased” on my online store for free, this website will become a resource for my written work that I have on amazon.

My Practice

My practice is pretty much the same but it’s focusing less on the ceremony of things and more of the connecting during everyday life and activities. I want to embody my spirituality not just do it during special days. My blog will share some of these practices.

I do hope you’ll stick around.

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